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The forum is broadcast live on the PZPBM YouTube channel

The conference will be live streamed from the Radisson Collection Hotel in Warsaw, participants of the event: farmers, breeders, producers of live cattle, representatives of slaughterhouses, cutting plants, representatives of national and local government administration, trade representatives, suppliers of products and services for the meat industry, representatives of the world of science, industry associations, government agencies and agricultural advisory centers.

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Key Forum issues

What kind of beef will we be able to promote?

In the “From farm to table” strategy, the European Commission emphasized that with regard to meat, under the new policy, it will support the promotion of the most sustainable, low-emission production methods

Will NSP help in the transformation towards a sustainable, low-carbon emission?

Agreements between the EU member states and the European Commission on national strategic plans are underway. Will the interventions proposed by the Member States proposed in NSP projects prepare live cattle producers to new challenges in the field of sustainable low-emission livestock production?

What are these sustainable low carbon production methods?

There is no official definition for sustainable production yet, however, thanks to industry organizations, it has a specific development. The question then arises: should industry organizations formulate their own definition and submit it to the European Commission?

Forum schedule

Day 1st
Day 2nd


10 March 202212:00-13:00Hall
Karol Bujoczek

The ceremonial opening of the Forum and welcoming

10 March 202213:00Plenary hall
Henryk Kowalczyk

Speech by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

10 March 202213:05Plenary hall
Maciej Golubiewski

Speech by the Head of the Cabinet of the Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission

10 March 202213:20Plenary hall

May carbon farming give an impulse to the development of low-emission livestock production?

10 March 202213:30 - 15:30Plenary hall

Coffee break

10 March 202215:30-16:00Hall

The role of animal welfare in sustainable beef production

10 March 202216:00-18:00Plenary hall

Summary of the first day of the conference

10 March 202218:00 -18:10Plenary hall

Integration meeting organized by the Polish Platform of Sustainable Beef

10 March 202218:20 - 19:30Hall

Dinner and presentation of awards in the Producer of the Year competition

10 March 202219:35-23:00Plenary hall

Check what the participants of previous editions of the Forum say about us

  • Beef Sector Forum has become the most important event in Central and Eastern Europe and one of the most important in the European Union for people interested in the development of the beef sector.”

    Jacek Zarzecki
    Prezes Polskiego Związku Hodowców i Producentów Bydła Mięsnego
  • „The beef sector is extremely important for Europe, not only in terms of economic and social aspects, but also for employment. “

    dr Luigi Pio Scordamaglia
    Wiceprezes wykonawczy ASSOCARNI
  • „Important from the point of view of Polish agriculture is sustainable development in the approach to the organic approach, which speaks of a rational approach to the farm and the use of all its potential possibilities.” „The situation of European, Polish agriculture often depends to a large extent on internal conditions rather than on the large expenditures that we give to the common agricultural policy, which are systematically decreasing. “

    Czesław Siekierski
    Poseł na Sejm RP, Przewodniczący Komisji Rolnictwa i Rozwoju Wsi w Parlamencie Europejskim poprzedniej kadencji
  • “There is a need for cooperation on the documentation necessary to manage development in the country. Solutions adopted by the government and the Sejm, resulting from the European Union, include the sustainable development goals in the 2030 agenda. “

    Krzysztof Jurgiel
    Członek Komisji Rolnictwa i Rozwoju Wsi w Parlamencie Europejskim

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