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Forum schedule

Day 1st
Day 2nd


10 March 202212:00-13:00Hall
Karol Bujoczek

The ceremonial opening of the Forum and welcoming

10 March 202213:00Plenary hall
Henryk Kowalczyk

Speech by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

10 March 202213:05Plenary hall
Maciej Golubiewski

Speech by the Head of the Cabinet of the Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission

10 March 202213:20Plenary hall

May carbon farming give an impulse to the development of low-emission livestock production?

10 March 202213:30 - 15:30Plenary hall

Coffee break

10 March 202215:30-16:00Hall

The role of animal welfare in sustainable beef production

10 March 202216:00-18:00Plenary hall

Summary of the first day of the conference

10 March 202218:00 -18:10Plenary hall

Integration meeting organized by the Polish Platform of Sustainable Beef

10 March 202218:20 - 19:30Hall

Dinner and presentation of awards in the Producer of the Year competition

10 March 202219:35-23:00Plenary hall